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Midsummer, Again

A backstage comedy mixing modern teenage shenanigans with beloved Shakespeare characters.

Designed expressly for teenage performers, and emanating an infectious love of the theater, Midsummer, Again combines elements of two classic plays with fourteen modern songs, vibrant dance numbers, and a timely take on love, jealousy, and friendship.


Set in a modern high school, the story begins with nervous freshmen and confident seniors alike auditioning for the spring play. When two outsiders unexpectedly land the lead roles, friend groups are scrambled, loyalties are tested, and new love is kindled. It's all part of the job for the play's hapless director - but can she contain the chaos threatening to bring the show to ruin?

Cast size: 11 roles, plus chorus of 4+

Duration: 2 acts, running time 90-100 minutes

Orchestration: Rhythm section and horns, or pre-recorded tracks

Set/costumes: In Act I, characters are in modern clothes with a minimal set. In Act II, they are in Shakespearean costumes with a set appropriate to a high school Shakespeare production.


Book, music, and lyrics by Anthony Westcott and Mark T. Abbott


From the original Campbell High production, 2023

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